Andy's Room is a deathrun map played by Vanoss.

Appearance Edit

If you seen Toy Story 2, it looks like that with an addition of things like boxes and whatnot.

Traps Edit

  1. Some gasoline on a wooden device. When activated, a match drops causing an explosion that kills anyone caught in it. Nogla is the only one killed by the trap.
  2. Woody models with each in a T form. When activated they launch, killing anyone in their way. Vanoss and Delirious were killed by this.
  3. An R.C. car track piece leading from the end of Andy's bed to a desk were a rope is waiting. When activated, half of it breaks, causing those on it to fall to their deaths. Moo cheated death by climbing the rope while falling.
  4. An electric device. When activated, it turns on, electrocuting anyone near it. Delirious died from this.
  5. A money printer. When activated, it shoots dollars at anyone in front of it. No one died from this.
  6. A toy box with a toy shark in it. The lid will drop and the inside will explode when activated. Vanoss died when the lid dropped and pushed him before he could get inside causing him to falll on the floor and die.
  7. Thumbtacks. Can't be activated but touching the thumbtacks will kill you. Moo died at least 7 times on this. Vanoss, Nogla and Delirious died at least once from this.
  8. A giant rocket. It'll blow up when used.
  9. Some pencils and pen. They fly around when activated, which, proven by Nogla, is bullcrap as they do nothing.
  10. A Buzz Lightyear poster over a baby crib. When used, the wrist laser shoots a laser, which does nothing.
  11. At the end of the baby crib, if the button is pushed, the bars at the end creates more bars, which crushes you.
  12. A small army of R.C. cars. They will run over anyone in their path when activated.
  13. A pyramid of presents. They are electric when used.
  14. Rex. He farts when activated.
  15. The last trap is some oil that slows you down. The trap is that a spike wall comes up and you can guess what happens.

Trivia Edit

  • The laser trap being ineffective may be a reference to the first Toy Story as Buzz tried to use his wrist laser but it didn't work.
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