A fictional character from Monster Legends that makes an appearance in series of videos called "The Magic Tomato" He was the strongest monster in the world and acted out as a heroic public figure.

He is a giant golden clad figure with big pauldrons. He wears a belt that has MLC written on it which stands for "Monster League Champion"

He first appears in "Vanoss Gaming: "The Magic Tomato" - Episode 1 (Feat. Wildcat, Delirious, Terroriser, & Lui)" He is being shown on tv being watched by Vanoss, a fan of Arch Knight. He is interviewed at Monster Mash XVII, an event where all monsters compete to see who is the strongest. He is being interviewed on whether there is a Magic Tomato, an time item rumored to make people as strong as him. Arch Knight denies it and claims being fit and praying is the only to being strong like him

He lastly appears in "Vanoss Gaming: "The Magic Tomato" - Episode 3 (Feat. Wildcat, Delirious, Terroriser, & Lui)'." He shows himself to Vanoss, Delrious, Wildcat, Terroriser, and Lui after they find the Magic Tomato. He reveals that he hid the Magic Tomato in order to maintain his status as the strongest monster as it very thing that made him strong. He then states that he need to kill Vanoss and the others for discovering his secret. Vanoss and the others try to attack, but ultimately fail until Vanoss remembers hearing about his weakness on tv, which he uses to beat him by Vanoss telling Lui to aim for his weak spot with a toy airplane. This causes Arch Knight to explode into nothing.


“I never lose. I always win.”
“The only way to get to where I am is to eat your vitamins and say your prayers."”
“"It's Arch Knight!"”
“I became strong many years ago when I discovered this tomato and if no one else gets to it, I will always be he srongest!”
“"Noo! Not My Kne- *explodes to death*”
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