“Anything fits if you try hard enough.”
—Cards Against Humanity

Anthony Brown, also known as BigJigglyPanda is a gaming YouTuber closely associated with the "Vanoss Crew". He is best known for his high-pitched, wheezing laugh, his exploding rage as well as his weird and twisted sense of humor, often coming out of nowhere. He is considered the underdog of the crew as he often ranked bottom on the scoreboard in most games, with the exception of where he tends to get the answers straightway, much to the bewilderment of his friends.

His Garry's Mod character is a man wearing nothing but a pair of sandals, underpants and a panda hat, referred to as the "Homeless Man". He would occasionally add some attires such as wristbands on the character.

YouTube career

Panda created his channel in November 2010, originally going by the name I ARE PANDA, but it wasn't until a year later where he would start uploading videos. His early videos mainly consisted of Call of Duty and Happy Wheels. He would collaborate with other YouTubers, including Gassy Mexican and Rowtendo. Around this point, he later changed his channel name to BigJigglyPanda.

Panda, along with I AM WILDCAT (whom Panda once played with for a MW3 video) and Moo Snuckel, received a message from VanossGaming to collaborate and make videos together and form a "crew". Since then, he commonly appears in Vanoss' videos, along with others.

On April 6, 2018, while at PAX East, Panda surpassed the one million subscribers milestone.

In fall 2018 he launched a new logo and new merchandise shop.


He uploads at least one video a day. The videos vary, whether it be a "Funny Moments with Friends" or a "Pokémon Unboxing". His videos usually go on for at least over 10 minutes, sometimes longer.

Games Played

  • Blood & Bacon
  • Brainbread 2
  • Call of Duty
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Dead by Daylight
  • Dream Rivers
  • Dream Rivers 2
  • Far Cry 5
  • For Honor
  • Gang Beast
  • Getting Over It (With Bennett Foddy)
  • Ghost in the Shell: First Assault
  • Ghost Recon Wildlands
  • Gmod Deathrun
  • Gmod Prop Hunt
  • Gmod Guess Who
  • Gmod Hide and Seek
  • Golf With Your Friends
  • Golf It
  • Google Feud
  • GTA 5
  • GTA 5 Tron
  • Happy Wheels
  • Higher/Lower
  • Katana Land
  • Klepto
  • Mario Kart 8
  • Mount your Friends
  • Omnibus
  • Pokémon Crystal Version
  • Prey
  • PWND
  • Shell Shock Live
  • Sniper Elite 3
  • Steep
  • Super Bomberman R
  • Tower Unite
  • The Crew
  • Uno
  • Watch Dogs 2
  • Would You Rather?


Cards Against Humanity

Anthony: It's gotta be Hitler's dick!

Anthony: I don't know with which weapon World War III will be fought, but World War Phor (pronounced /fɨɔ/)...

Anthony: "What's my secret power?" "Rubbing my hand further and further up her thigh"...until I'm fucking elbow deep!
Craig: (laughs) It just keeps going!
Anthony: We were playing a game of Chicken, and she never said 'chicken', so now I'm up to my fucking 12th knuckle. (chuckles) I'm so up there I'm using her mouth like a puppet!

Anthony: "Sorry, I just dropped my cum dumpster."
Craig: Nice.
Tyler: Yeah, I'll pick her back up at 9.
Anthony: (laughs) That's awfully late for daycare center to be open. (laughs even harder)

Anthony: (answering Nogla's question about "facing the fear of clowns by raping one") Look, you understand that the only reason why I'm here, so that I can fuck this clown, so that you'll be like 'Wow, this clown is really submissive and takes some good ass dick!' So that way, you don't have to. Right? I mean you get that, right? I'm doing this for you, Nogla! I'm balls deep in fucking Ronald McDonald right now, cause you're afraid of him! Do you know what McDonald's arches are shaped after? Ronald, after I FUCKED DAT ASS UP!

Anthony: (joins in the middle of a Cards game where everyone was talking about "cumming in one's own mouth") Picture it; LittleJigglyPanda, approximately 12-14 years old. I don't know, it doesn't matter. I'd been on a week long camping trip with my fellow brother, and then got home and was eager to have a quick wank. And it happened so quickly and with such velocity, that before I knew it, I had busted a nut on my own forehead! Truth to be told, one of the best nuts I ever had.

Anthony: (commenting on Ryan's "Squeeze my weiner [sic]" card) It's like when a 12-year-old trying to get some pussy. 'Hey girl, after third period you wanna meet under the stairs and squeeze my wiener? I can make it move like a caterpillar, girl!'"

Anthony: Are you fuckin' a bird, Jay?

Anthony: What did you say about an ASMR assault rifle?

Anthony: Public service announcement: if you jerk off 25 times a day, it is that bad. Your dick's gonna look like a hot dog that someone put in the microwave for 12 minutes. It's like, all split and burst at the ends and shit.

Anthony's card: James was a lonely boy, but when he discovers a secret door in his attic, he meets a magical new friend, Anne Frank.

Anthony's card: As wonderful as an alternate universe where Donald Trump doesn't have autism would be, we all know it would never happen.

Anthony's card: When I walked into a KKK meeting, I saw Donald Trump actually winning the election.

Anthony's card: Turns out that Auschwitz-Man was neither the hero we needed nor wanted.

[after googling the "Moby Huge"]
Anthony: Oh my god, it's a three foot tall dildo! What the fuck?! It's real! There's a bitch posing next to it and it looks like a dwarf! IT'S 500 DOLLARS!!

[discussing a white card that reads "Sun-burnt cock".]
Terroriser: I wonder what that would be like, a sun-burnt cock.
Anthony: Fucking miserable, but you get to rub aloe all over your dick all day.

[Anthony is the Card Czar]
Anthony: "Cassie, why is your vagina loose?" I heard Cassie put a whole fucking watermelon up there last week. She spit the seeds back out like a fucking Tommy gun.
John: That's more impressive, if anything!
Anthony: Right? And do you know what the crazy thing was? It was a seedless watermelon!

Anthony: Could you image having the smallest dick in preschool and being the teacher?

Garry's Mod

[Anthony falls through the ceiling]
Anthony: The room has an anus, and I am the poop.

Anthony: Wife? I don't have a wife. I've got a cardboard box and some drugs.

[One of Anthony's title card openings]
Anthony:: It's Horroween's Eve, you're in for a fright. There is a good chance Panda shits his pants tonight.

Anthony: Trick or treat. Smell my feet. I died in the girls' locker room squeezing my teets.

[Anthony looks at Wildcat’s low budget player model]
Anthony: Your mouth looks like a sideways pussy.


[Anthony misses a hole-in-one by an inch]
Anthony: (smashes desk like a heavy metal drummer) AHHHH! THIS CAN"T BE FUCKING REAL!!! FUUUCK!!!

[Nogla states the obvious in a golf session]
Anthony: Thanks Einstein! Shut the fuck up!

Anthony: Why did they make this a guessing game?! Is this golf or Guess Who?!

Anthony: It's like that fine line when you're beating off, but you can't pull too hard, otherwise you might rip your stalk off like a fresh piece of fuckin' celery.

Anthony: I'mma start listing things that are more enjoyable than this one. 1; Masturbating with sand paper. 2; Watching dudes (bounces off the course) FUUUUCK!!!

Anthony: (to Evan) Well, we meet again, Yellow Man...Wait, hold on a second, that's racist. I'm sorry!

Marcel: One of these players is not like the others. One of these players just isn't the same.
Anthony: Yeah, yours is black.
[Marcel, SMii7Y, Scotty and Anthony all start laughing]
Anthony: I'm sorry! I meant that you have an afro.


Anthony: Is Taco Bell on Doordash?

[Anthony lets out a gutwrenching grunt]
Evan: (chuckles) Did you just die or did you just cum?
Anthony: (laughs) Why not both? (laughs even more) The ol' "death-nut". (wheezes) They say when people die they expel their bowels, but not me. I expel my semen.
Evan: Homeless people jizz when they die.
Anthony: That's right. (moans) "Oh-OHH! I'm dying!"

[Anthony misses a hole and falls behind the platform. Marcel and Scotty laugh at Anthony]
Anthony: FUCK THIS SHIT!!!!!

Terroriser: Bottom of description to you sir.
Moo: Like it matters on your channel.
[A while after Vanoss/Terroriser makes Jiggly go off the course]

[After suffering countless failed attempts in attempting to get into a hole.]

[Wildcat commenting on Anthony reassembling his mouse after breaking it]
Wildcat: "All of a sudden it's wireless now
Anthony: "Yep, i'm about to be lifeless"

[after discovering he lost over half of his recording of a golf session after throwing his mouse at his stream deck]
Anthony: It's a good thing I don't need FOOTAAAAAAAGE!!!!!!!
[proceeds to throws things and rip things off his desk]

[after his monumentous desk destroying spree]
Anthony: I'm going to get a real job. See you faggots later.

Craig: Do it. Do it!
Anthony: No. I don't wanna be known as the guy who just wants to kill himself every time he plays games with his finger-quote friends, here. Like, Jesus Christ on a cross.
Craig: Finger-quote friends?
Anthony: Yeah.
Craig: Well, so much for the tour. *laughs*
Anthony: You're- you're telling me you want me to be angry! I don't wanna die at 35 because my blood pressure causes my arteries to fucking explode. But I'm getting pretty close!

[Craig telling Anthony "namaste" when he's getting angry]
Anthony: Shut the fuck up, Craig. Shut the fuck up, Craig. Look, there it is, there it is. If I "namaste" out of that hole, I'm gonna punch you in the face when you're asleep in your bed on the tour bus. I'm gonna suffocate you with a pillow and say, "Namaste, Craig. Namaste." *laughs* You can nama-stay asleep forever.

[Anthony commenting on Grizzy's diet]
Anthony: As much coffee as you drink, you will never need a colonoscopy, 'cos you're just constantly sprayin' that out. It's like the benefit of coffee, bro. Turns you into a human fire hydrant. Both ends. You just sit down and let 'er rip, son.

Craig: Please, I would just like to finish!
Anthony: (mockingly) Me when having sex. (laughs overdramatically)
Grizzy: You sounded like Barney [the dinosaur]!
[Anthony, Grizzy and Craig all laugh]
[Grizzy and Craig in hysterics]

Mario Kart

[After finishing the race, Nogla notices Anthony at 10th place]

[Wildcat and Nogla taunt Anthony for being in last place in Mario Kart]
Anthony: You guys laugh with me then wonder why I fucking fuck with you. Because your floppy cunt pussies, and I hope you suffer while you sleep!

[Moo hits Anthony towards the finish line with a green shell]
Brock: Oh! (laughs uncontrollably)
Anthony: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!! FUCK YOU!!! (bangs desk)



[Anthony falls off Rainbow Road and is carried back]
Anthony: Oh my god, I'M GOING TO FREAK THE FUCK OUT!!!
[Anthony is hit by a Bullet Bill off the map again]
Anthony: FUCK!!!!!!

[Anthony gets hit by a blue shell that passes him]

Anthony: LEAVE ME ALONE!!!
Anthony: FUCKING BOMB!!! FUCK!!!
[As Anthony approaches the finish line, Tyler lightning bolts him, and steals 5th place off from him
[Tyler is laughing hysterically]
Anthony: GOD DAMN IT, YOU FLAPPY FUCKING CUNT, With your lighting bolt fucking THOR COCK!

[Anthony finishes 4th Place on Yoshi Circuit]
Anthony: [8 Seconds later] It's just 1,2,3,4,5 every race. Wow this is just...
Smitty: I mean yeah there's 5 people.
[Craig Laughs]
John: Yeah there's not gonna be a sixth.

Anthony: (trying to say "shortest Bullet Bill") That was the shortest bort— shortest— shortest— (starts laughing and wheezing)
Craig: What were you saying, sorry?
Brock: Borat Bill?
[Anthony wheezes like a steam pipe]
Anthony: Borat Bill! (more laughter and wheezes) Oh that's too fucking good! (through laughter) I'm gonna call it that from now on!

[Scotty hits Anthony with green shell causing him to finish last place]
Anthony: Scott, I seriously want you to suffer, a long long miserable fucking death. You're gonna die alone, Chrissy's gonna leave you, take the cats, and just let you rot. You're just gonna rot. YOU'RE GONNA DIE SCOTT!!!


Craig: So I got Bushmills, and I tried to scratch off the logo, but it didn't work very well.
Anthony: (chuckles) You know what? I've got some Black Bush distillery thirty minutes from my house as well.
[both start laughing]

Anthony: How does that Black Bush taste?
Craig: Honestly? Incredi-
Anthony: (interrupts) Fishy?
[Craig leaves the room while Anthony laughs]
Anthony: I disgust myself! (continues laughing)

Craig: I don't know if people search "lent" because I feel like Christianity is very, like, 'word of mouth' type of thing where people just know it if they go to church like "Hey! Lent is a thing where..."
Anthony: Well, if you're a young boy and you go to a Catholic church, that priest is all about 'word of mouth'.
[awkward silence]
Anthony: I'm gonna leave now.
[Anthony leaves seat and laughs hysterically off-screen while Craig face palms]
Anthony: (comes back) Penis be with you. And also with you! (collapses on bed and continues laughing)

Anthony: Look at that rollercoaster back there. Looks like a giant cater-chipola-cheppo-chappoler.
Craig: What the fuck did you just try and say?
Anthony: Caterpillar. (starts laughing)
Craig: (also starts laughing) That was caterpillar?!
Anthony: It was [at] some point. [laughs] It didn't end that way—
Craig: (interrupts, still laughing) Chip-chap-chapilator is cat—
[Both laughs and wheezes for a few more seconds]
Anthony: There's a reason I make YouTube videos and not teach kids in school.
Craig: We are now even from my KKK [that] starts with "Q"
Anthony: Yes, my favorite cult, the QQQ

Anthony: That pug looks like Neil deGrasse Tyson!
[Craig and Anthony start laughing]
Craig: You're not wrong! (calms down) Okay, it's gotta be lower. It's gotta be lower. That pug is—
Anthony: (interrupts) Neil puGrasse Tyson!
[Craig and Anthony continues laughing]

Anthony: Tiananmen Square? No one's cared about that place since everyone got shot there! Lower!


Anthony: Ever feeling hungry? Are you a poor college kid? Why not just slurp on your own hair? You could be like Marilyn Manson and uninstall two ribs and slurp on your own cock!

[Anthony gets a DNF in a GTA Race while Craig laughs]
Craig: Oh there he is!
[Craig and Ryan laugh]
Anthony: ...FUCK!!!!

Hand Simulator

[Somehow kills himself and corpse-launches]
Anthony: WHAAAAT?! WHAAAAAT?! WHERE AM I GOIIIING?!!(screams like a woman) AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! [laughs and wheezes uncontrollably]


[singing about the unfortunate realities of being a Youtuber]

Anthony: *singing* I once titled my video "shooting tanks" and people got mad at me because I wasn't shooting the tank, the tank was the thing that did the shot! *laughs*

Will You Press The Button

[talking about becoming immortal, but you can only eat bacon after]
Anthony: I like how these people are just like "there is no downside." Uh, except for dying of a heart attack because your blood is so fucking thick it's like pumping jelly through a fuckin' straw. That's what your heart would have to do to your blood. It's nothing but fat and salt. Don't eat just bacon, kids.

[Commenting on the points that everyone has in a game]
Anthony: Look at that, everybody guesses it, we all get points, WE ALL WIN! WOOOOO!

[After guessing the word "Soup" correctly]
Anthony: Yep, Yep, Yeah!
Craig: What?
Anthony: Making that fucking late round comeback bitch, you can gargle on my chesticles!

[Discussing the speed of Brian's knowledge after drawing a circus tent outline]
Anthony: I am a god, look at that. I drew an outline of a tent and Brian was just like... He connected with me spiritually, I felt you in me.
Nogla: I don't know if he'd want to connect with you spiritually.
Anthony: We spiritually touched tips and crossed continents.

[Anthony is discussing his drawing of Bruce Lee]
Anthony: There is a reason why i chose yellow, that famous outfit from that movie
Brian Oh, i thought your just being racist.
Anthony: No, i'm not like that!

[During a round, Mini Ladd is drawing a moustache as the word to be guessed, he however draws it in the size of what Adolf Hitler had.]
Mini: What do you guys see here- What's the key features here?
SMii7Y: A pretty impressive K/D, that's what he has
Anthony: He didn't technically kill any of them himself, his K/D Ratio is only negative one.

[During a round, Anthony is the only person that is left to guess the word "Roadblock" but is unable to guess the word due to most of the group making annoying Mongoloid "Oooooh" sounds that is irritating him]
Anthony: I'm just about ready to end my recording and see y'all later, seven minutes in and i wanna blow my fucking brains against the wall behind me.

Call of Duty

[During a round, Anthony is killed from behind]

Anthony:"Are you behind me, of course you are you fucking small dick loser. With a 725! GET FUCKING AIDS! I hope your father rips your fucking bare ass open and shoots his fucking hepatitis infested load, right between your fucking eyes, and it drips into your disgusting, father cock-sucking mouth, and you get Hep, AND THEN YOU DIE!

Other Quotes

[Giving advice to some guy who penetrated his own ass with a banana and suffered a breakup from it]
Anthony: Possibly look for a boyfriend next time? *laughs* I volunteer. I'd love to see you throat a banana with your sphincter. *wheezes like a tea kettle*

[telling us all how to get a girlfriend]
Anthony: "How do I get a girlfriend?" Get off Twitter, faggot.

[Doing a Try Not to Laugh With Water challenge with Craig. Craig spits a little bit of water into Anthony's eye and starts giggling]
Anthony: Is this what women deal with?
[Craig spurts out all of the water in his mouth while Anthony laughs hysterically]

[Playing with Nogla. Anthony is trying to recollect how many points Nogla has]
Anthony: Two minus one is three. (realizes his mistake and bursts into laughter)

[from some video I don't remember]
Anthony: I'm going to KILL MYSELF! WHAT THE FUCK?!



  • He was born with flat feet, but had surgery to fix it to create arches on both feet.
  • Panda used to live in Florida (Parrish, then Bradenton) before moving back to his hometown where he currently resides.
  • Although this is unconfirmed, it is said that he has a twin brother.
  • He makes $1.2k - $19.2k monthly and $14.4k - $231.4k yearly (estimated).
  • Panda used to be a smoker and is either currently quitting by using a e-cig, or has quitted completely.
  • He is currently dating a girl named Melina Perez, who has appeared in some of his social media posts. He used to use her account to play Mario Kart until eventually getting his own account.
  • He has 5 tattoos on his left arm;
    • A panda on his left shoulder/bicep. The reason he got is because of his love of pandas and saying that "it's sort of my peace creature." He states this because the tattoo is a reminder to try to calm down (like a panda, since they are known to be lazy and relaxed) whenever he gets uppity or mad.
    • A tattoo of Moby Dick below the panda tattoo.
    • A tattoo of an Alchemy Index symbol from the Thrice album The Alchemy Index Vols. I & II, located on his left forearm. He says that the symbol means a lot to him because the album got him through "one of the worst years of my life" and got the tattoo of the symbol as a homage.
    • A lighthouse, above the Alchemy Index symbol.
    • A sinking ship, which is tributed to his grandfather, who was in the U.S. Navy. He got it to memoralize him, since Panda was close to him for the first seven years of his life.
  • In one of the videos with Online Drawing Game, he was shown to be terrible at explaining a simple word "bite".
  • At one point, he is thought to be H20 Delirious' next door neighbor. Although this isn't confirmed, it is most unlikely to be true, because if he were Delirious' neighbour, he would most likely have seen his face, which he said he hasn't.
  • During recording of Super Bomberman for the Switch with Wildcat, Nogla and Moo[1], he smashed the screen of a nearby TV in his room in rage. He later shows the damaged TV at the end of the video (plus a tweet).
  • He seems to be an avid fan of Pokémon, and has uploaded numerous videos of opening boxed sets and booster sets for the card game.
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