Black Ops 2 C4 Glitch Trolling - Suicide Troll on Drone (Montage and Tutorial Funny Moments)

Black Ops 2 C4 Glitch Trolling - Suicide Troll on Drone (Montage and Tutorial Funny Moments)

Black Ops 2: C4 Glitch Trolling - Suicide Troll on Drone (Montage and Tutorial / Funny Moments)


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(The video starts off with Vanoss narrating the tutorial on the C4 glitch, whilst showing gameplay of it on Drone.)

Vanoss :

Alright, what's up guys? Today, I'm gonna be showing you a pretty funny glitch/troll on the map Drone. So uh, pretty much what you can do with this is you can make your teammate's kill themselves with their own C4, and that's pretty damn funny, I've been doing it to my friends, doing it to randoms, and it's a lot of fun, and it works in any game mode, and I usually do it on Search and Destroy because it's a lot funnier when they can't respawn till next round, but anyways, let me get into it and show you how this glitch works.

So, pretty much, any sliding door on this map, any of the automatic doors, er they can actually be used to detonate a C4, and what I mean by this is that if you place a C4, anywhere around the door frame,

(he demonstrates by aiming at the door frame with his Diamond KSG pump action shotgun)

or on the door itself, or even on the wall on the side where the door swings open, the C4 will automatically detonate as soon as the door opens. So, uh, lemme show you guys what I'm talking about. If I take my C4 and throw it in the middle of the door,

(He throws a C4 pack which lands on the door)

and I try to go and grab it, right there, boom,

(The C4 detonates and Vanoss is killed)

ya know, I can't avoid that and

(He spawns back in)

no matter what it's gonna explode, and you have to no time to pick that up, so uh what we're gonna do is take advantage of that. So uh, what I usually do is when I see this map come up in a lobby, I tell everybody "I'm gonna show you guys a really cool glitch on the map Drone", and I tell 'em to put on a C4 class.


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