Moonbase Alpha is a video game that provides a realistic simulation of life on a natural satellite based on potential moon base programs. It was made by the Army Game Studio, developers of America's Army, and Virtual Heroes, Inc. in conjunction with NASA Learning Technologies. The game was released on July 6, 2010, as a free download on Steam.

Moonbase Alpha is set in the year 2032 and focuses on exploring the day in the life of a lunar-based astronaut. As a meteor strike damages an outpost near the moon's South Pole, the player must take control of a member of the outpost's research team and repair the outpost in order to save the 12 years of research accomplished there. These tasks will include repairing vital components of the life support system, solar array and oxygen units, and can be accomplished with a wide variety of tools ranging from robotic repair units to the lunar rover.

The game is known for text to voice speech and memes that spawn from that very system like John Madden jokes.

Vanoss's gameplay video has an intro that gives a different plot for what they are doing
“In a world where astronauts lived in trailers on the moon, one giant meatball fell from space, and went kapooyakishoff! Skeet! Skeet! Skeet! All over the place. Jizz! Jizz! Jizz! In my pants formed the white side of the moon. It's now up to Vanoss, Nogla, Ohm, Delirious, Terroriser, and Sark to save the moon from the evil alien jizz monsters. Critics are calling The White Side of the Moon " Fucking Stupid" " Flat out retarded" and "A complete waste of time." Own it today on VHS.”

The game was played by Vanoss, Nogla, Ohm, Delirious, Terroriser, and Sark and gameplay of the game has been animated in a video on Vanoss's channel called "Escaping the Moon! (Vanoss Gaming Animated - SFM Garry's Mod)"

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