Pablo ElSalvador was the pedophiliac alter-ego of Mini Ladd in Garry's Mod who was first introduced when Vanoss wanted to tell scary stories with Wildcat, Mini Ladd, and Mr. Sark during the zombie apocalypse at the time. "Gmod Zombies - Escaping the Apocalypse! (Garry's Mod Sandbox Funny Moments & Skits)'"

He appears again in the Sims 4, first in "The Sims 4! - The Life and Struggle of Pablo Salvador!"

He reappears in a padded room to tell another story of one of his crimes. "Gmod Scary Map (Not Really) Moments - Meth Head Mario (Garry's Mod)"

As stated by himself, he is a man with a history of pedophilia. He tells Vanoss, Delirious. Nogla, and Terroriser that in 1984, he violated and murdered small children, and scarred the surviving children so badly that they run away despite being around the arms of their parents.

He is shown as a rich, smart, "good", and self assured individual who lives in a small home with decent living. His job is a criminal which enables such luxuries like a flat screen TV. He is shown to be very comedic and flirty around others. Pablo being a sleazy person, has cheated on women.

Pablo's Stories

“Once, there was a man. His name was Pablo. Pablo was not a very good man. He liked to... have sex with small children. I tell you a story of back in my childhood. Once there was a man, his name was Pablo. I came back here a long time ago in 1984. I came in here there was...a kids, they come in. Kindergarten kids, they come along and they see, and I see and I look at them with lust. I could not help myself. One of them disappeared one at ah time. Everybody started to run. There was blood on the walls, it was horrible. I took them all to the toilet. I did very regrettable things to them. They look at their parents, they run.”


  • Pablo seems to only appear whenever he gets on a chair
  • Due to being an alter-ego of Mini Ladd, he is the same age of the character doing the story telling, which is Mario; who says he a 57 year old ex plumber (circa: 2014 | Likely 60 as of 2017, 58 during his third appearance, and 27 during the incident of 1984)
  • The animated short "Mini Ladd Animated! - MY NAME IS PABLO!" gives him a different age. The video shows that he was born on 22, September 1967 and was from Mexico. This makes him about 46 in his first/second appearance, 47 in his third appearance, 50 as of 2017, and 16 during the 1984 incident. This seems to fit the description of Pablo more given he states 1984 incident as around his childhood days, and Mario didn't know where he was during the Zombie Apocalypse so he might have forgotten his age.
  • In the animated short "Mini Ladd Animated! - MY NAME IS PABLO!" He is depicted as a man with brown short hair, a big nose, a handlebar mustache, and wearing a sombrero plus a green garb.
  • Pablo is considered an old shame of Mini's and as such has been declared "Dead".


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