Cody, also known as Racingcatz is a YouTuber who is usually incorporated in playing with VanossGaming and all of their friends. His videos mostly involve playing games solo, which most of these solo games involve cats. But occasionally he plays in a lobby with some of his friends in games like Garry's Mod or Golf with your Friends. He is currently the 8,237th most subscribed YouTuber, and he has over 80+ videos on his channel.

Early Videos

Most of his early videos consists of his youtube series Diary of a Mad Noob Tuber. These videos are some of his most viewed oh his channel. So far, there are 17 installments to this series total, but has not updated it since July 11th of 2014.


Cody currently has over 160,000 subscribers, and is getting close to breaking 200,000. During mid-2014 to late 2015 he remained largely inactive, only uploading a few videos to his channel every couple months. Since then he has been uploading at an increasingly more frequent rate. He currently uploads videos once or twice about every week. So far (as of October, 2016), the most popular video on his channel is The Luckiest Golfer Ever (Golf with Friends), which has amassed about 167,000+ views and 2,457 likes.


  • While playing Gmod Guess Who along with VanossGaming, BasicallyIDoWrk, and I AM WILDCAT, Vanoss unknowingly continuously gives his position away as Woody by complimenting on his cowboy hat which gets him gunned down by Wildcat claiming it is reverse-psychology.