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Alright! is a company owned by H2O Delirious that sells guns filled with cocaine-laced toilet paper. It is rivals with the Okay Company.

Business Edit

While there was much disagreement on what product they are selling between the CEO and the employees, the product that were being sent to warehouses were cocaine laced toilet paper fired from a toilet paper shaped gun, toilet paper, and action figures so you can play while on the toilet.

The company's known warehouses are at a rundown shack and one at around the airport

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CEO Edit

H2O Delirious is the founder and CEO of the Alright Company. He feels as the CEO, he doesn't get enough respect from his employees. He tries to deal with this with a therapy session, which proved to be more awkward and ineffective than intended. He was denied giving massage to his employees and he wasn't given enough time to talk about problems. He also didn't seem to really know employees or what employment was. He had a meeting about the first order of business, finding warehouses to ship products. From that was confusion on what the company was selling between him and his employees, but it was ultimately what it was. He and his employees on their first action as company, was not finding warehouses, but rather stealing from their rivals, the Okay Company. Delirious decided to best next option was to buy a warehouse. The employees realized the CEO can't speak properly when he tried to his message across.

Vice President Edit

The Vice President of this company is unknown, but given the recency of the company, and the CEO's poor knowledge of running a business, there might not be a Vice President.

Employees Edit

  • VanossGaming helps ships and obtains the products and acts at the company's therapist despite proving not doing it very well. People can sign up for his "Happy Ending" which on top of the therapy session, also includes a massage from one of the company's employees or from the CEO himself.
  • Terroriser helps ships and obtains the products of the company. Due to being from the future, he is asked of how business is doing for the company in the future, which he states that there is no competition in the gun shaped toilet paper that shoots cocaine laced toilet paper business.
  • Ohmwrecker helps ships and obtains the products the company sells. Not much else is known about him other than he dresses improperly.