Vanoss bonnie
The Vanoss Gaming Animated - Five Nights At Freddy's (Gmod Sandbox) is an animation based off of Gmod: Five Minutes at Freddy's (Garry's Mod Sandbox Funny Moments). It was animated by Pegbarians.


The animation begins where Vanoss is walking along the hallways of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza with a terrified expression on his face where a silhouette of Bonnie at the end of the hallway causes him to jump. He notes that the only weapon he possesses is a bubble gun and knows that he doesn't feel safe. Delirious in a Bonnie suit appears behind Vanoss noticing the bubble that Vanoss created. Vanoss then scolds Delirious to take off the costume Which Delirious questions what's the problem with the costume.

Vanoss and Delirious then see a ghost of a Hot dog Vendor at the other end of the hallway accompanied with Freddy's laugh. They both get hot dogs from the ghostly vendor while asking each other what was that sound. Delirious says that the laugh scared him as he takes off his Bonnie mask and shoves the hot dog on his mask which Vanoss says that Delirious is the monster and got scared too.

Delirious then saw Freddy peak behind a corner as he moves away, shocking him. Vanoss asks if Delirous is scared, Delirious replies that he is scared and though that he was trying to scared Vanoss but is now terrified at the same time seeing Chica in the flickering light. Vanoss then calls Delirious a "scary, monster poser" while taking off his hockey mask revealing a goofy clown face. Delirious then says "f*** you" to Vanoss while laughing at him. Vanoss then suggests Delirious to take off the costume and at the same time Chica jumpscares the two. Delirious panics wanting to be let out of the Pizzeria before slipping at a door with Freddy looking through the door.


  • This is officially Vanoss' first animated video.
  • On 0:15, there is a mouse having the same expression as Vanoss on his mouth.
  • Once when Chica jumpscares Delirious and Vanoss his clown makeup went away revealing his face.